About Change in Motion

A vision without a plan is just a dream (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)


Change is all around us, the world is in turbulent motion. And how do organizations cope in these turbulent times of disrupting technologies, fierce competition and demanding customers? Many try to find an answer in organizing according to agile principles. Scrum teams are introduced and the frequency of releasing (introducing) new features to customers is increasing.


At Change in Motion we believe that organizing according agile principles is seldom fully understood and embraced. That is why we make a distinction between “shallow” and “deep” agility.


We aim to not just apply the rules of scrum or other frameworks but aim to capture the core objective of Agility: Organise in such a way you can achieve results (customer and business benefits) while circumstances are changing around us and keep your employees on board and motivated.

To help our customers Change in Motion has built a canvas around our way of working that is rooted in four key statements:


  1. It all starts with a vision of where you want to go
  2. Take a deep dive and look for the underlying motives and barriers (seek patterns, not solutions) – solve repeating problem
  3. Find and connect organizational circles
  4. A vision will never become reality without courage


At first glance the principles above can be considered common sense but Change in Motion challenges you. Applying these principles requires honest conversations with yourself and others at the level of mind, heart and soul and it takes courage to make it work.


And do not forget to have fun along the way! Life is to short not to enjoy.


Articles written

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About Ruben Dobbelstein

When the cub of the lion is better and stronger than his father, is the old lion then defeated? Or is his mission finally completed?


I founded Change in Motion in 2013 during my executive MBA at Nyenrode. Life had taken an unexpected turn and my reality was turned upside down. And although I had experienced several upsetting and life changing events, this one really shook me down to my core…


Who am I? What do I want to manifest in my life? Do I need and want to redefine the relationship with my parents? To me it felt like an existential crisis with two opportunities: Run away, or, look into the mirror and find yourself.


Being challenged by dear friends and loved ones, I found the courage to step up and look in the mirror. And during this process the BHAG written during my Marketing class of Professor Henry Robben emerged and started to come alive.


Change in Motion was born.


Interested to learn more?


Contact Ruben Dobbelstein at ruben@changeinmotion.nl